Sunstream Boat Lifts launches new Helix line

Sunstream Boat Lifts, manufacturer of free-standing and free-floating boat lifts and the SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover System, announced the first in a new range of cable boat lifts, the Sunstream Helix line, the new Helix-P.

The new piling lift combines hydraulic speed with a hidden cable lift structure and a modular power supply.

“We are constantly innovating to give boaters the experience they want,” said Ken Hey, CEO of Sunstream Boat Lifts. “We didn’t approach the design of Helix-P to do a better version of what everyone else is doing, but to change the way you think about your boat lift and how it can enhance your boating experience, as well as how you show off your boat and your waterfront property. The Helix line and our first model to be released, the Helix-P, was designed with a minimalist aesthetic to showcase your trophies while making it easier and more enjoyable to use. Helix-P is an invitation to go boating more often and have more fun!”

The Helix-P is constructed of a thick marine-grade aluminum structure for stiffness and stainless-steel hardware to prevent corrosion. There are no visible motors, electrical work, or gearboxes; pilings are low with no side beams, opening views for a more pleasing aesthetic. Because of its unique configuration, Helix-P can be installed with as little as a five-inch gap between a dock and boat, which means easier and safer loading and unloading. Lubricated stainless steel ball bearings increase speed while decreasing noise and reducing friction on the torque tube. Sunstream’s unique rubber-capped aluminum Superbunks provide durable yet soft cushioning to protect and support the boat’s hull. The frame has non-slip striping on top for safety and a pleasing appearance, and optional Storm Surge Inserts can be added quickly to raise a boat an additional 24-inches. The Helix-P cradle locks in the “up” position to prevent swinging in the wind, reducing cable fatigue and extending cable life. Since it does not use independent port and starboard motors, re-leveling is greatly reduced.

The unique Sunstream Power System (SPS) enables users to combine up to two different hydraulic DC powerpacks of 6HP or 12HP to increase power up to 24HP to produce speeds twelve times faster than typical piling lifts. The SPS also provides a backup power source for enhanced reliability with sealed non-maintenance batteries. A single powerpack can be shared among multiple Sunstream lifts or SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover Systems to provide a cost-effective, clutter-free power solution. Unlike other lifts, Helix-P can be plugged in to an extension cord, with only 6A of 110V power (3A of 220V for international customers) and does not require 220V power mounted on the lift or routed underwater, for added safety and reliability.

The Helix-P advanced control system also features a proprietary mobile app enables the lift to be controlled from a smartphone, giving users the convenience of always having their remote control with them. This high-speed lift accelerates and decelerates for smooth operation and a double click feature brings to the boat to predetermined stops so it can be customized to the dock. A reliable encoder revolution counter inside the motor eliminates the need for vulnerable and unreliable limit switches and enables multiple intermediate stopping points for the ultimate in user control.

Available in four sizes, the Helix-P can accommodate vessels from 8,000 to 24,000 pounds.

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