Boat Fix partners with Bentley Pontoons

Boat Fix, a recreational boating telematics company that provides a combination of remote monitoring, GPS tracking, geofencing and 24/7 live customer support, announced it has partnered with Bentley Pontoons to launch its Bentley 24/7 Assurance program, which will be included on purchases of all 2024 model year boats.
Bentley 24/7 Assurance, powered by Boat Fix, offers new Bentley owners a complimentary three-year mechanical help line, providing around-the-clock assistance by mechanics with 30-plus years of experience who have a proven 86% fix rate by phone. The mechanical help line is an instantly accessible resource for any time, especially when the dealership is closed on weekends, holidays and after hours. With help just a call away, owners can enjoy safe, secure, stress-free boating.
In addition, Bentley Pontoons’ dealership network will have access to a dynamic Bentley 24/7 Assurance app Powered by Boat Fix and dealers will have the opportunity to become a distribution channel for the app-based remote monitoring service. As the only remote monitoring company in the boating industry backed by 24/7 alarm and customer support, Boat Fix has partnered with Bentley Pontoons to provide the launchpad for this service through the Boat Fix Command and Control Center based in Southport, Connecticut.
“In a market where building brand loyalty is increasingly vital, the Bentley and Boat Fix partnership showcases two forward-looking companies who understand how important it is to take care of the customer,” said Alastair Crawford, Founder, Boat Fix. “The Boat Fix team answers every phone call in seconds, in person, each and every time. We’re excited to work with Bentley Pontoons, who share in our vision and the importance of looking after their clients through the incredible value and peace of mind that Boat Fix delivers.”
“One of the main advantages of Boat fix is the data and the resources of our Command and Control Center,” said Steve Pitsos, CEO, Boat Fix. We don’t just promise a better boating experience, we back it up with proven technology that no one else in the industry has access to. We are confident that both Bentley owners and their dealer network are going to be thrilled with the Boat Fix experience.”
“Offering this level of after sales service to the boat owner and dealers is an industry first in the pontoon market,” said Ryan Marcott, President, Bentley Pontoons. “Bentley 24/7 Assurance will ensure that our customers are taken care of around-the-clock, and all of our dealerships are supported by a seamless 24/7 operation.”

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