Dometic partners with Apex Marine

Dometic has announced an agreement with boat builder Apex Marine, Inc. that will bring the control of SeaStar Xtreme Power Assist (XPA) Steering and Electric Power Steering (EPS) to a new class of popular vessels.  

Through this partnership, all Qwest M-Class Twin Tube models and Qwest Q3V Triple Tube models will feature Dometic’s steering system as standard equipment. In addition, XPA steering will be offered as a premium factory option on all other Apex Pontoon models with outboard power from 90 to 200HP.

For the Qwest Q3X Triple Tube, the package will come standard with Dometic’s Electric Power Steering (EPS).

Dealers from across the country, industry partners and the boating press learned this news during the Apex 2024 Homecoming Event, held August 6-8 in Saint Louis, Mich. 

“We are honored that Apex Marine will be offering our XPA and EPS Steering as standard equipment across many of its premium models,” said President of Dometic’s Marine Segment, Eric Fetchko. “We developed this electric power assisted steering as a practical and affordable way to deliver a better on-water experience for boaters.  It’s also very significant that the premium Q3X triple tube package will include our state-of-the-art EPS technology, as this is an emerging market for our flagship steering solution.  We are proud to see our technologies provide Apex Marine customers with effortless steering control and enhanced driver confidence.”

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