Dometic partners with Project Zero on climate awareness expedition

Dometic announced it will join the Project Zero team on its journey to promote climate change awareness. As a partner, Dometic will provide its technology and gear to support a father and son’s challenging journey from the South Pole to the North Pole.

The expedition, called “Project Zero” follows two adventurers as they explore some of the world’s most isolated and vulnerable environments. By documenting in real time the status of those areas, Project Zero aims to raise awareness around climate change and gather information for scientific research.

From the South Pole to the North Pole, the father/son duo will document the visible impact of global warming and engage with the world’s leading climate scientists, advocates and initiatives.

Dometic equipment such as mobile cooling and cooking gear, as well as mobile power solutions will be used on NANØØK X, the sailing yacht transporting the duo. By harnessing solar energy, Dometic mobile power solutions will enable the use of renewable energy during the expedition.

“Our products are crafted to thrive in the harshest of outdoor environments and withstand extreme elements. This unique durability empowers them to not only facilitate adventurous activities but also provide invaluable support to the scientists on this vital mission,” said Juan Vargues, President and CEO of Dometic. “We are thrilled to see how our technology can support this wild nature expedition to promote climate awareness. As pioneers in the Mobile Living arena, we are committed to driving sustainability in our industry. By supporting this mission, we hope to help promote climate change awareness and conservation of our nature for generations to come. We wish the team all the best and a successful execution of the expedition.”

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