DockMaster restructures after two key departures

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. — Art and Buddy Peacock, the founders of Software Support Team, the former owner of DockMaster Software, have left current DockMaster makers Exuma Technologies, the company announced.

Art Peacock served as Exuma's VP of product marketing and Buddy Peacock was chief technology officer.

In the wake of the departures, Exuma's management structure, led by president and CEO Cam Collins, will include Adam Noble as manager of Software Development, Bob Derks as director of Client Services, Clark Beaty as VP of Sales, and Margo Hunt as director of Operations.

“I am very pleased with the team we’ve assembled,” said Collins. “Our foundation has never been stronger. We are excited about our direction and will continue to focus on our core mission of delivering value and quality to our customers.”

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