Correct Craft team serves at local orphanage

Correct Craft spent a day serving at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home to honor the legacy of company legend Ralph Meloon. It was the second year in a row that the company celebrated Ralph Meloon day!

Since 1908, the Florida United Methodist Children’s home has provided care in a family-style home for children who have been victimized by abuse, neglect, or family trauma. These children are provided with education, counseling, recreation, and ministry opportunities. The Correct Craft team, which consisted of almost 30 people, assisted the orphanage in many ways. Some of the services completed included indoor painting, building planter boxes for the garden, and assisting in electrical work.

Every year, a Correct Craft team will complete a service project in honor of Ralph Meloon. Mr. Ralph held many positions at Correct Craft, including President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer, and Chairman of the Board, helping shape the company for over ninety years. Always having the heart to serve others, he heavily embraced values of faith, integrity, and family.

CEO of Correct Craft, Bill Yeargin, said, “We have an amazing team at Correct Craft who are continually looking for opportunities to serve. I am proud to be part of such a great group.” Yeargin added, “To serve the kids at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home and honor Ralph Meloon’s legacy was a double honor for our team. We are already looking forward to our next service project!”

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