Yamaha offers support to Center for Coastal Studies

Yamaha Rightwaters continues its support of the Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown, Mass., by recently helping the marine rescue organization repower a boat with new 300-horsepower outboards. The F300s will power the twin-engine Ibis, a whale disentanglement vessel used to assist with several research and rescue programs in the Cape Cod Bay area.

“The Center for Coastal Studies’ Marine Animal Entanglement Response (MAER) team, which at times goes far offshore, needs a vessel that’s fast and reliable in order to successfully disentangle sea animals,” Dr. Sarah Oktay, CCS Executive Director said. “These new outboards will help save whales and sea turtles for years to come, and we are grateful for Yamaha’s support of this important work.”

The Center for Coastal Studies focuses on marine habitats and the animals that live within it. The Center has studied humpback and North Atlantic right whales for more than 35 years, which includes curating the Gulf of Maine Humpback Whale Catalog, surveying the critically-endangered right whale (with only 336 whales remaining) and operating the Marine Animal Entanglement Response team, which disentangles whales and sea turtles caught in fishing gear.

“The Yamaha Rightwaters team initiated a relationship with the Center for Coastal studies in 2017 and applauds the organization’s dedication and tenacity to preserving marine life. To date, the Center is responsible for disentangling more than 200 large whales and other marine animals in distress,” said John O’Keefe, Senior Specialist, Government Relations, Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit. “Yamaha Rightwaters holds steadfast to principles of conservation and stewardship of all marine resources, and we look forward to extending our support of the Center as the team continues to promote research and marine conservation in the Northeastern coastal regions of the U.S.”

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