Brunswick hosts MN representatives at New York Mills operation

Minnesota State Representatives Mary Franson (08-A) and Jordan Rasmusson (08-B) this month visited Brunswick’s Lund and Crestliner operation in New York Mills. During the visit, Representatives Franson and Rasmusson met with members of the Brunswick leadership team to discuss key issues impacting the recreational boating industry. In Minnesota alone, the recreational boating industry generates more than $3 billion in economic impact annually and supports nearly 11,000 jobs.

Lenn Scholz, President of Lund Boats at Brunswick Corporation, led conversation highlighting the challenges of rural economic development and workforce development. “As our business continues to grow, it is imperative that we continue to work with the local community and the state of Minnesota to attract the best talent to our area. That requires us to work collectively with our leadership to identify opportunities for better daycare and housing for our families to make it even more attractive to start a career in the marine industry,” said Scholz. “We have a lot of work to do but we are very excited about the progress we are making and thank our legislators for their continued interest in our brand and our business.”

Representative Rasmusson noted he is grateful for Brunswick’s presence in the area. “Recreational watercraft is key to our local economy and our way of life in Minnesota – especially in this region,” Rasmusson said. “The Lund and Crestliner operation plays a valuable role here and I appreciated visiting with their team to discuss legislative priorities and to learn more about the nuances of their iconic business.”

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