BRP launches Rotax outboards, new model lineups

BRP Inc. and its marine group recently announced the all-new Rotax outboard models at its dealer event in Salt Lake City, Utah. The engine announcement paired with the unveiling of new models from the manufacturer’s Manitou pontoon and AlumaCraft lineups for MY 2023.

The new Rotax Outboard Engine with Stealth Technology is initially offered in 115hp and 150hp configurations.

The new outboards are partially submerged underwater, hidden under the boat, and therefore frees up valuable space at the stern.

BRP also reports that the Rotax outboards allow for up to 20% improved fuel efficiency compared to
traditional outboard engines, along with a 12% reduction in reportable emissions, and a 98% reduction in carbon monoxide at idle.

The Rotax outboard will be featured on some of the newest boats from the BRP Marine Group including AlumaCraft’s 2023 Competitor and Trophy models, and Manitou’s Cruise and Explore models.

“Alumacraft has proven to be the preferred choice of aluminum fishing boats in the angling world thanks to a line of boats that provides memories of getting out on the water in search of fish and fun, and our dedication to performance and quality,” Grant Wildgrube, Global Product Manager, Alumacraft said during the launch this week. “Today, we are unveiling daringly innovative Competitor and Trophy models that will change the name of the game for anglers in the market for a boat. Designed to best suit how our customers fish or spend a day on the water, Alumacraft is a boat that stays in the family for generations and provides ultimate fishing freedom. A true memory making machine.”

“Today, we rise above and introduce two new boat models that will shake the industry with forward-thinking design. The new Manitou models are fully optimized and seamlessly integrated so the boat and engine deliver the perfect day on the water. Beyond the progressive and disruptive design cues that we believe will raise Manitou to icon status, we are revealing a boatload of innovations that make the onboard experience a game-changer in the industry,” added Garrett Koschak, Global Product Manager, Manitou.

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