ePropulsion inks agreement with Freedom Electric Boats

ePropulsion announced an agreement with Freedom Electric Marine to package ePropulsion’s Spirit 1.0 Plus outboard engines with Freedom Electric’s Twin Troller X10 fishing boats. This is ePropulsion’s first partnership of its kind in North America.

“Freedom Electric’s visionary approach to boat design matches the ePropulsion single-minded focus on exceptional outdoor experiences,” said Chris Ponnwitz, electric market manager for Mack Boring & Parts Co, ePropulsion’s North American partner. “No matter what kind of fishing you’re doing, the Twin Troller combined with the Spirit 1.0 Plus will give you the outboard experience you want and the performance you need.”

“The ePropulsion electric outboards and the Twin Troller are made for each other,” said Joshua Robbins, chief operating officer, Freedom Electric Marine. “We’re dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind experience for outdoor enthusiasts, and the Spirit 1.0 Plus outboard has the range, durability and quiet performance to ensure our customers will have a memorable experience every time they put their boat in the water.”

A nimble, lightweight and portable 3HP electric outboard, the Spirit 1.0 Plus features a large 1276Wh integrated lithium battery for longer range between charges. The ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus models offer superior portability, are the lightest ePropulsion motors and have been one of its best-selling models.

ePropulsion’s Spirit 1.0 Plus will be included in the Twin Troller’s eVenture Package, Freedom Electric’s newest 100% electric package offering that includes a Twin Troller X10, the Spirit 1.0 Plus and a multi-sport trailer.

The Twin Troller X10 is designed for the ultimate fishing experience with hands-free control and an in-hull propulsion system with recessed motors. Crafted by a small team of dedicated recreational anglers, the Twin Troller was conceived with the belief that small watercraft should expand the limits of outdoor adventures. Features include UV-resistant, durable hull material, 360-degree swivel seats at a raised height to keep knees and hips level for all-day fishing comfort, and patented design technology so that the boat “grips the water” and provides industry-leading stability.

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