GOST launches outboard cowling sensor

GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies), creator of marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems, announced the release of a new sensor intended to protect the valuable Electronic Control Units (ECU) within outboard engines – the Outboard Engine Cowling Sensor.

“We have seen a significant uptick in electronic component theft, particularly of the easy to remove and conceal ECUs that control outboard motors,” said Brian Kane, CTO, GOST. “We have been working with our dealer network for several months on a solution and have developed a new sensor to address this issue. Our customers cherish their time on the water and there is nothing more upsetting than hopping on your boat on a Saturday morning with your family ready to go only to find that thieves stripped your engines of their control units. Given the availability of chipsets and supply chain issues, this new security measure can mean the difference between a full season on the water or being sidelined with your boat on the dock.”

The Sensor is capable of monitoring up to three engines, and more can be monitored with additional control modules. It works directly with GOST’s series of wide gap extension sensors mounted inside the cowling and when installed correctly, will trigger an alarm if a would-be thief removes the engine cowling.

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