NMMA Canada seeks Hall of Fame nominations

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Nominations are being accepted for the NMMA Canada Hall of Fame through January 10, 2022. Inductees in the NMMA Canada Hall of Fame include those who have, or those who continue to, generate substantial and lasting contributions toward the advancement of the marine industry. The 2022 NMMA Canada Hall of Fame inductee will be announced at the NMMA Canada State of the Industry Breakfast on Tuesday, January 25, 2022. Details for the in-person breakfast will be coming soon.

“The NMMA Canada Hall of Fame is the Association’s highest honor and a way to recognize the significant contributions to recreational boating by one of our industry leaders,” said Sara Anghel, President of NMMA Canada. “The boating industry plays a significant role in Canadian recreation and our national economy—we are proud to be able to showcase the dedication and innovation of one of our boating leaders each year and put a spotlight on our industry.”

Hall of Fame nomination criteria:

  • Has made a substantial and lasting impact on the industry or their segment
  • Is known in the industry and is beyond personal or professional reproach
  • Has been and continues to be a member and supporter of NMMA
  • Is actively involved in the marine industry for a minimum of ten years

To nominate an individual for the 2022 NMMA Canada Hall of Fame, please email Sara Anghel at sanghel@nmma.org with a detailed description of the candidate’s achievements. To be eligible to submit a nomination, one must be an active member of NMMA.

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  1. There are many incredible canadian boat designers that deserve recognition for how they have advanced the industry. Many are not NMMA members though.

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