Outer Armor opens new facility

Commercial Sewing, the manufacturer of Outer Armor boat covers, bimini tops and accessories for the marine industry announced the opening of its new facility in Mexico. The new 75,000 square-foot facility adds 50-percent capacity to Commercial Sewing’s network of plants and partners across the U.S. and Canada. The plant will also double capacity for PWC and boat cover production and allow for flexibility to shift production between plants.

“The grand opening of our new Monterrey facility has come at an opportune time for both us and the marine industry partners we serve,” said Stephen Mazzarelli, partner and operations for Commercial Sewing.  “The added capacity will allow us to fulfill the increased demand for marine and power sport accessories as well as set up the Commercial Sewing network for future growth. In addition to adding capacity, the location will be beneficial to combat costs and improve delivery times for our customers in the Southwest market.”

The Monterey plant uses the same equipment, production technology and materials ensuring no difference in the finished goods manufactured. The staff are employed by Commercial Sewing and consist of a highly skilled production and management team that operates as a stand-alone plant. Additional Commercial Sewing facilities are in Philipsburg, Missouri; Loudon, Tennessee; and Tijuana, Mexico. 

“The ability to build the same parts across multiple factories is a realized accomplishment as part of our business continuity plan. The desire to be proactive and implement our plan swiftly has allowed us to adjust to current demands sooner. Seeing the impact of Covid on the marine industry, we also set higher goals to ensure that our supply chain remains secure across multiple compliant sources to meet our plant volume requirements. While we have the keen ability to react and be agile, we rely on our future long-term planning to chart a stable course,” added Mazzarelli. further explained.

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