Marine Trades Association of Maryland on-the-job trainee success

The Marine Trades Association of Maryland (MTAM) congratulates Luke Carter on the completion of his On-the-Job Training (OJT) with Fawcett Boat Supplies in Annapolis, MD. Carter is a student of the Marine Service Technology Program at the Center of Applied Technologies South (CAT South.)

Carter grew up in Riva, MD with a love for the water. Boating with his family is what led him to enroll in the Marine Service Technician Program at his high school’s career center. He wanted to complement his schooling with some hands-on training in the field and he had heard many good things about Fawcett’s Boat Supplies from friends and family. Through the course at his school, he learned that Fawcett’s was an employer partner in MTAM’s OJT Program. Carter applied, was accepted, and started working weekends during the school year, taking on more hours in the summer. 

During his OJT, Carter learned a lot about the parts of boats, who manufactures those parts, and what their purposes are. He also learned to cut fiberglass cloth and install engine carburetors and steering systems. Carter thinks learning how marine engines work has been the most interesting part of his experience so far. He is excited to take his experience into the classroom when he begins Level II of his Marine Service Technician Program this Fall. 

Store Manager Gawen Keen complimented Lucas on his focus and maturity. “He gets here first thing in the morning and stays busy. He always wants to be helping,” he said.

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