DockWorks announces pilot of its all-in-one operations platform

The digital solutions company DockWorks announced the launch of an early access pilot program offering their easy-to-use platform to marine service businesses and professionals.

The digital platform allows marine professionals to manage payments easily, simplify scheduling and dispatching, as well as provides technicians with the accurate and reliable data they need to service marine equipment in the field.

“This product will revolutionize an industry that is still mostly relying on pen and paper to issue estimates, work orders or provide service records,” said Jeremy Hermanns, co-founder and CEO of DockWorks, in a prepared press release. “This platform helps marine service businesses to grow their recurring revenue with integrated billing, quick estimate creation and fast change orders. The technician will be able to focus on servicing the vessel, and the vessel owner will have a better experience throughout the process. If your boat mechanic uses DockWorks, you’re going to be very excited.”

The platform is the first of its kind to offer mobile applications for technicians who are in the field or on the vessel. The technician can use the system to capture higher quality customer data, receive real time alerts when estimates are approved, automate payments and to capture photos and videos of the vessel to attach to work orders.

The platform also offers marine service businesses the ability to generate reliable recurring revenue by enabling them to create and track preventative maintenance contracts in much the same way a home service company offers these programs to its HVAC or plumbing customers.

“As younger generations get more interested in becoming marine technicians, they will want digital applications. It’s what they grew up with,” Hermanns said. “Right now, there just isn’t a cloud-based platform that enables the mechanics or technicians who service them to do that. We want to bring digital innovation to this industry.”

DockWorks will be on-boarding their client advisory board members beginning at the end of November to test the platform and provide feedback.

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