Anthem Marine awarded another design patent

The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Anthem Marine patent #11,148,758 for its new boat design. The patent protects Anthem’s concept where the open layout of a pontoon is combined with a ballasted surf boat.

In a company press release, Anthem said it believes its design blends the best features of a pontoon with the performance of a wake boat, spanning two of the best-selling recreational boating industry categories, and solving the dilemma of whether consumers should purchase a watersports boat or a pontoon.  

“We’ve created a new category of performance surf boats with the access and convenience of a pontoon,” said Anthem’s CEO, Mark Overbye. “Fusing advantages from both worlds, Anthem’s technology protects the open, social layout of a pontoon with the performance of a ballasted, performance wake sports boat. The purist surf boat owner will be at home with features found in the big surf boat names while prospective pontoon buyers will appreciate the unblocked, flowing design and access from the front, both sides and transom.”  

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