Wisconsin Office of Outdoor Recreation seeks stakeholder input

Wisconsin State Flag

The Wisconsin Office of Outdoor Recreation is seeking input from Wisconsin outdoor recreation stakeholders to help guide strategic planning. Complete the survey by clicking the link here. The survey must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on August 15.

Initially created in the 2019 budget cycle, the Wisconsin Office of Outdoor Recreation received two years of renewed funding in the 2021 budget cycle this summer. Participation in the survey by Wisconsin outdoor recreation stakeholders is vital to ensuring the office work continues to support the outdoor industry in a meaningful way.

The Wisconsin Office of Outdoor Recreation unites a variety of outdoor recreation stakeholders to focus on four key tenets: invite, connect, thrive, and sustain. The office serves as a central hub for Wisconsin’s outdoor industry, drawing connections between the brands that call Wisconsin home, the outdoor recreation activities they support, and the communities in which individuals recreate.

Learn more about the office here.

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