New social platform launches dedicated to boaters

Announcing the first, free social media platform designed specifically for the boating community – Scuttlebutt. Putting all the information a boater needs in the palm of their hands, Scuttlebutt eliminates the need for multiple, independent and sometimes redundant mobile tools, while incorporating the sharing capabilities of other popular social media platforms. 

The easy-to-install and use app allows boaters to find new friends and connect with other, likeminded fishing, power and sail boaters. Account creation is simple, requiring an email confirmation and a few questions about the user’s boat and boating lifestyle. Once logged in, the intuitive interface allows users to share boating adventures, stories, pictures and videos, as well as comment on others in their feed. The app also has a map function, with wind and precipitation overlays and can tap into live weather buoy information including wave heights, wind gusts, humidity and water temperature. 

“As a lifelong boater on the Great Lakes I am always on the lookout for anything that will help simplify my boating lifestyle,” said Erik Kyle, creator, Scuttlebutt. “Whether it’s a fishing expedition, a cruise to a lakeside destination or just a family boat ride on a nice day, boaters need current and vital information to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Like most boaters, I was constantly switching between three or more apps to get the information I needed; one for current weather conditions and forecasts, another for wind and wave heights and another for navigational information. With Scuttlebutt, we built in all of those features and more, while building a social network to fully address the needs of our diverse, yet close-knit community. Scuttlebutt also serves boaters by creating their own social media space to share stories, fun destinations, boat pictures and videos, or whatever they choose to post. Groups, clubs, organizations or individuals can also share information about special events such as trips, regattas, races and all the activities that this unique and active community participate in.” 

Future updates to the app will include partnerships with other app and hardware manufacturers to bring added functionality to the program. Destinations, points of interest and messaging capabilities are currently in development.

The new Scuttlebutt app is available for free on both iPhone and Android mobile devices. For more information on Scuttlebutt, please visit The app is available as a free download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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