Mastervolt reaches safety milestone

With an unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and performance, Mastervolt, a leader in Lithium Ion Battery Systems for the Marine and Mobile markets, announced that it has completed testing with the RVIA approved test lab, Testing Engineers International (TEI) to meet UL 1973 standards. 

With the growing popularity of lithium batteries, they were added to the 2020 edition of RV Industry’s adopted American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Low-Voltage Standard. To be included in RV products, lithium batteries must be listed by a third-party listing agency recognized by the RV Industry Association. The TEI UL1973 compliance confirms that Mastervolt lithium ion batteries are compliant with all the RVIA requirements and with that the preferred customers choice.

“Continuous improvement and safety are the mainstays of our culture” stated Mara White, Senior Product Manager. “Meeting the UL 1973 standard is an important milestone in the global development of our industry leading energy storage systems”.

Mastervolt worked directly with accredited third-party testing group TEI to complete testing and achieve TEI listing to meet UL 1973 standards. TEI’s certification confirms that Mastervolt’s MLI series of Lithium Ion batteries meet or exceed important safety standards, as well as meeting the needs of end users.

“Optimizing the end-user experience and ensuring their safety is what drives us” stated White. “As we continue to evolve our integrated power technology, maintaining critical standards is vital. This is why the new certification mark is important and will support our commitment to provide a friction-less end user experience across all markets.”

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