Sean Marrero to speak at Innovation Summit

Chief Strategy Officer of Correct Craft and President of Watershed Innovation will speak at the Marine Industry Innovation Summit on implementing innovation within organizations.

Watershed Innovation exists to create a better tomorrow today for customers and is built on the idea of separating disruptive innovation from sustaining innovation. Over the past three years, Watershed Innovation has evolved by using three easy to remember steps to innovate: ideate, iterate, and incubate. Sean’s talk will connect these concepts together in practical ways based on actual experiences at Watershed.

Marrero holds 24 years of marine industry experience and has been a part of Correct Craft’s success for the past 16 years. Watershed Innovation currently manages three operating companies. Merritt Precision uses large-format robotic mills to create tooling for fiberglass parts. Ingenity is a 100% electric propulsion system for high power use cases including watersports boats. Osmosis, a spin-off from Ingenity, is a customized telematics platform that provides turn-key connectivity to OEMs and their end customers.

“There are a lot of changes coming to recreational boating. We want to use these changes to create better experiences for customers,” said Sean Marrero, president of Watershed Innovation. “We’ve learned there is a lot more to innovation than just a good idea. Innovation is as much about organizational and business model topics as it is about anything technical,” Marrero added. “I hope you will join us at the Marine Industry Innovation Summit where we will share some thoughts on what taking a holistic view of innovation might mean for your organization.”

Bill Yeargin, CEO of Correct Craft stated, “Sean has been an essential part of the Correct Craft team and has done a great job leading our innovation initiatives. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Sean and know he will be a compelling speaker who will help us all be better innovators.”

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