Orlando Watersports Complex teaches autistic children how to ride

Orlando Watersports Complex Above The Wake

Orlando Watersports Complex hosted Above The Wake to teach over 40 children that have autism and other disabilities how to wakeboard, kneeboard, and paddleboard.

Above The Wake is a local nonprofit that helps disabled kids get on the water. Some children at this event have never been on the water. Watersports often benefits kids with sensory concerns especially those with autism and cognitive delays. Water can have a calming effect that reduces enervating noises and improves processing like speech. Being around water in this environment helps with social skills, coordination and self-esteem. To learn more please visit www.abovethewake.org.

“Our goal at Above the Wake is inclusion, and inclusion is about creating opportunities for individuals to participate,” stated Tom Hart, Executive Director for Above the Wake.

Kellan Rudnicki, Director of Operations for Aktion Parks stated, “Part of our culture of ‘Making Life Better’ is serving those around us. Having Above The Wake was a blast for our team and we know the kids left with lasting memories. Being around water truly is good for everyone.”

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