Brunswick Corp. partners with Carnegie Robotics for technology enhancements

Brunswick Corporation announced that it has entered into a new partnership with Carnegie Robotics LLC (CRL), a leading provider of advanced robotics, sensors and autonomous solutions for a wide range of commercial and government applications.

The collaboration will combine CRL’s depth and breadth in autonomous technology with Brunswick’s leadership position in the marine industry and continued execution of its ACES (Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification and Shared Access) strategy, creating advanced driver assistance and autonomous solutions to improve the boating experience across a range of applications and scenarios. 

“We are excited to work with Carnegie Robotics on a number of projects that will allow us to integrate situational marine autonomy into our new product development,” said Dave Foulkes, Brunswick Corporation CEO.  “This partnership, in addition to other investments we have made to support our ACES strategy, will augment our internal capability to develop solutions that advance our autonomy stack in critical areas such as applied sensor technology, computer vision and machine learning, product architecture definition, functional safety, and artificial intelligence.”

Automation and control technologies are rapidly emerging critical enablers for delivering innovation through smart-connected recreational marine products and experiences. The partnership with Carnegie Robotics will accelerate Brunswick’s development and introduction of autonomous solutions by utilizing CRL’s capabilities to accurately sense and detect objects, and use artificial intelligence for mission planning, mapping, object classification and vessel motion planning.

“Carnegie Robotics is proud to partner with Brunswick, and honored to work alongside their stellar team,” said John Bares, Carnegie Robotics CEO.  “We pride ourselves in solving the hard problems, and couldn’t be happier to partner with Brunswick, a world-class trailblazer in the marine space. We will push each other to develop and deploy differentiating products.”

“We have robust plans with Carnegie Robotics to support the delivery of industry-leading boater experiences enabled by autonomous technology,” said John Reid, Brunswick Corporation vice president of Enterprise Technologies. “Working collaboratively with CRL will accelerate our capability-building, allowing us to pair our dedicated enterprise resources with the expertise of CRL, and delivering autonomous-enabled experiences to the marketplace in the near future.”

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