Founder of Iosso Products passes away

Richard Iosso

Richard “Dick” Iosso, founder of Iosso Products, has passed away at the age of 87, following a brief illness.

While serving in the U.S. Army, Iosso bought a home and settled in his hometown of Chicago with his high school sweetheart, Grace. To offset bills, he would play drums in a band on the weekends. After he was discharged, he formed his own band and continued to enjoy music throughout his life.

In 1967, Iosso developed several breakthrough metallurgical processes including a chrome-plating method that makes zinc harder that was patented in 27 countries. Parts using this innovative IOSSO-FE process were used on the Apollo 11 mission. This accomplishment led to the founding of Iosso Metal Processes in 1970.

Applying his knowledge of chemistry and keen business skills, Iosso launched the family-owned, family-run subsidiary Iosso Products in 1983. The Elk Grove Village, Illinois-based manufacturer of cleaning products serves a wide range of markets including marine, RV, aviation, shooting sports, household and industrial.

Sharing his time between his home in Illinois and Anna Maria Island, Florida, Iosso enjoyed fishing, cooking, photography, making family videos and his passion, music. Most of all, he treasured his family. He is survived by his business partner Grace, daughters Marianne and Chris, and many grandchildren.

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  1. Such a great guy! He did everything with such gusto! Really one of the unsung heroes who personally went way out on a limb to build our industry into the global community it is today. I’m so glad I knew him. My deep condolences to Marianne, and the entire Iosso crew and family.

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