Compliance isn’t just the law; it’s good customer service

Recording Available
How to make compliance a “gold standard” in today’s environment 
The recording for “How to make compliance a ‘gold standard’ at your dealership is now available to watch.

Dealer Profit Services COO Myril Shaw runs through the laundry list of compliance measures, and details how to make sure compliance is baked into your store’s ongoing operations, and not just a one-time thing relegated to one member of the staff.

Do you leave loan jackets unattended on a desk or printer? Are your customer’s financial information and loan applications under lock and key until they’re shredded?

You and your dealership could be subject to significant fines, even if your intentions are good. And enforcement is increasing.

As Myril explains, it’s not just about being right with the law. He says compliance is good customer service, and that you can tout the safeguarding of customer financial information as a competitive advantage.
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