Anthem Marine straddles pontoons and surf boats with new Karma 23

Anthem Marine Karma 23
Anthem Marine straddles wake surf and pontoon markets with thenew Karma 23

Anthem Marine announces the introduction of its new Karma 23, targeting water sports enthusiasts searching for the comfort of a pontoon combined with the performance of a surf boat.

“We’ve built these boats with the latest technologies and best features to create something unique,” said Anthem CEO Mark Overbye.  “Despite a pandemic and uncertainties, we’re committed to helping people have the most fun on the water.”

Designed, built and tested on Lake Superior, Anthem’s new line blends several user-centric, patent-pending features including a powered bow ramp doubling as a second swim platform, a 3600 lb. ballast system that fills and drains in about three minutes without pumps or complex plumbing, and an open, single-level, freeflowing design from bow to stern with easy access on all four sides.

Developed in CAD and proven in CFD, Anthem’s hull is built to mil spec standards and is 100% recyclable. Interiors are comprised of components supplied by aerospace vendors while surfers will appreciate the integrated touch screen controls for Zero Off, wake shapers, center tab and ballast.  

Powered by PCM inboard engines, Anthem is 100%-built in the U.S. with production partners spanning some of the most recognized names in the boating industry.

“The surf boat segment is clearly hot and families love the open design of pontoons,” remarked Anthem dealer Dirk Plumlee. “Anthem fused the best of both worlds and we expect a very promising summer.”

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