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Malibu Boats announced it has proudly achieved over five million safe man hours worked at its Loudon, Tenn. facility. Five million man hours without a lost time injury means the production facility worked for more than 1,680 days or well over four years without incident, making this an extraordinarily rare and prestigious milestone. The achievement exemplifies Malibu’s dedication to the safety of its workforce.

“It is with great pride that we recognize our Malibu Team for this achievement. While we have a proactive approach to the health and safety, it is each and every Team member that made this happen,” said Jack Springer, Malibu Boats CEO. “In the time that we have achieved this distinguished milestone, Malibu has seen tremendous growth and a lot of change. But one thing has never changed—the dedication of our people to safety. The entire Malibu Team is absolutely extraordinary and their performance in safety is something I have never seen in a nearly 40-year career.”

Malibu and Axis boats are both manufactured by Malibu Boats LLC, which are produced out of the Loudon, Tenn. factory that reached the five million safe hours. To put such a huge number in perspective, in the over four years it took to achieve five million man hours, Malibu built approximately 17,500 boats, the stock market doubled, and Malibu’s Team headcount increased from 474 to 775 people, signifying that over 300 team members were on-boarded and trained in at their respective positions to the high level that helped achieve five million man hours.

“Safety has always been a top priority of Malibu and this milestone is a testimonial to the effectiveness of our safety program and culture. Our Team’s commitment to safety and the care for one another is what helped us accomplish this achievement, and we could not be prouder of the people we have here,” said Malibu COO Ritchie Anderson. “You can be in manufacturing your entire life and never see five million man hours without an incident, but in some ways I’m not surprised at all because I see the high level of passion, energy and commitment to safety our Malibu Team members bring to their work every single day.”

Malibu Boats said it looks forward to its next major milestone in work safety as it continues to grow.

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