ShoreMaster launches hydraulic TruLift

ShoreMaster, LLC, manufacturer of waterfront lifts, announced the launch of its latest hydraulic lift model – the TruLift. 

ShoreMaster says as the culmination of decades of experience in designing and building the best waterfront boat lifts, TruLift offers superior reliability, premium performance and ultimate convenience. Its true hydraulic design requires minimal maintenance, and with precision welded construction and the finest components available, the TruLift is over-engineered and over-tested to ensure maximum reliability at full-load capacity. In addition, the TruLift, like all ShoreMaster hydraulic lifts, provides remote-control operation standard for convenient operation. 

“Our customers have invested considerable time and money into their boats,” said Don Hurley, CEO, ShoreMaster, LLC. “Their investments deserve the protection of the finest and most durable boat lift on the market.”

Requiring a minimum water depth of only 16-inches plus the draft of the boat, TruLift has a lay-flat design, making it one of the best low water solutions available. Additionally, it is available with either 48- or 60-inch lift travel, making it suitable for a variety of installation conditions. Its full-length vinyl bunks are well matched for nearly any style watercraft. TruLift operates at a lifting speed of 1-inch per second for quick and easy stowage of a vessel and is available in 8,000- and 12,500-pound capacities.

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