Josh Turner of Harbor View Marine completes Yamaha Marine Apprentice Program

Yamaha Marine tech apprentice

Harbor View Marine, in conjunction with Yamaha Marine, announced tthat Josh Turner successfully completed the Yamaha Marine Apprentice Program offered through Yamaha Marine University.

YMAP pairs seasoned mentors in dealership service departments with novice technicians to help them learn the key skills they need to further develop their careers in the marine industry. Service Manager Robbie Lockhart served as Turner’s mentor during the second half of the program, which includes 4,000 hours of comprehensive, hands-on Yamaha outboard technician training. Turner is the second apprentice to complete YMAP.

“YMAP promotes teamwork within the service department,” said Lockhart. “If advisors know their technicians have completed the training needed to get the job done, they’re more confident selling the service for the dealership. If technicians have an understanding of the questions advisors must ask to identify the job, they become more comfortable completing the task at hand. Without doubt, Josh has become a valued member of this team through the YMAP program, and we are proud of his accomplishments.”

For Turner, a graduate of George Stone Technical College with a background in customer service, YMAP served as a tool for setting milestones and achieving goals. It helped to diversify his workload by requiring him to gain a broad base of marine technician experience. The courses that touch on service management and service advisory roles have made a difference in the way he approaches his work.

“YMAP includes courses that go beyond just being a technician doing the job,” said Turner. “As a new technician coming out of a customer service-centered industry, I like the fact that the courses teach technicians how to communicate with service advisors and customers. Harbor View does a great job of providing training resources for technicians. I’ve participated in many courses and I have to say that with all of the training out there, Yamaha’s curriculum is the definitely the best. I plan to leverage what I have learned to become the best technician I can be and hopefully work my way up to become a service manager myself one day.”

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