ABYC publishes updated Boat Building and Repair Standards

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The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) published its 60th supplement of Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft, which provides the marine industry with the latest in boat building and repair standards.

“This year’s supplement contains a much anticipated technical information report on lithium ion batteries, which provides valuable and much needed guidance to the industry on this growing technology,” said ABYC technical director Brian Goodwin.

“New technology was also addressed in the area of electric/electronic steering and propulsion control. Responding to market trends, the new standard, P-28, now addresses dynamic positioning, joysticks, and wireless controls.”

ABYC members can access the standards on ABYC’s website via the standards library. The online standards library includes an overview document that highlights the major changes in supplement 60.

Additional technical tools found on ABYC’s website include: summary of changes at the beginning of each standard, an updated compliance audit checklist, updated test templates, and an online webinar reviewing supplement 60.

All are welcome to have a voice in the standards development process. Visit ABYC’s website to learn how to get involved.

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