Popular fishing show explores racial issues

Professional fisherman Ronnie Green and the award-winning television program, A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green, has produced a two-part special exploring racial issues entitled, “The Difficult Discussion.”

Currently in its eighth season, A Fishing Story features a variety of guests including entertainers, athletes, veterans and everyday people experiencing the joy of fishing. In light of the global climate and calls to action in response to racial inequality and injustice, Green decided to bring together some of his peers to have an honest and in-depth conversation on race relations in society, as well as in the fishing community.

The special features professional anglers Mark Daniels and Brian Latimer, who are among only a few Black professional fisherman, alongside fellow anglers Steve Dial and James Watson. The five men candidly share both their personal experiences and their perspectives on what’s happening in the world around them.

On why he felt it was important to do this special, Green says, “Sometimes you must be what you’re looking for, regardless of the industry. So I felt compelled to have a healthy conversation about the events going on in our country.”

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