Virtual Elevate conference launches July 1

Boating Industry’s second annual Elevate Summit conference doesn’t get underway until November 16 – 18th in Atlanta, but the free virtual conference launches July 1.

We are going to have data analysis and content and engagement from our speakers and research team, information about new and exciting products and services from our sponsors and more.

If you think of Elevate as the pages of Boating Industry come to life, then think of this as the online version of Elevate.

There is an Elevate Community page.

A Virtual Sponsor Booth page.

And Virtual Resources.

In the Elevate Community area you can interact with other members of the recreational boating industry, speakers and sponsors.

You’ll be able to make connections, send messages, create conversations and even set up meetings.

The Virtual Sponsor Booth contains information like what you would find at an actual trade show. Product and services information, brand contacts, fact sheets, case studies, etc.

In the Virtual Resources page you’ll find bonus content from our speakers and sponsors.

Throughout the summer and fall, in the days leading up to the Elevate Summit conference, we’ll be featuring presentations, industry data, webinars, podcasts, videos and more.

And remember to check back regularly to keep up on the latest postings and content.

Boating Industry’s Elevate Summit is where industry executives, emerging leaders, and influencers unite to create community and explore forces impacting the recreational boating industry.

And we hope that this virtual conference resource can be of value until we get together, and also serve to get you excited about Atlanta!

To register and for more information about Elevate go to

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