Safe Harbor acquires 100th marina

Safe Harbor Marinas recently announced the acquisition of its 99th and 100th marinas. The company has added Great Island Marina in Harpswell, Maine and Sportsman Marina on the Alabama Gulf Shores to its portfolio of facilities. The acquisitions expand Safe Harbor’s network to 100 marinas across 22 states. They are part of the company’s ongoing program to grow and diversify its portfolio.

“This is an exciting milestone for our team and our Members,” said Baxter Underwood, CEO of Safe Harbor Marinas. “We’ve expanded the nation’s largest boating network on both sides. You can now stay at Safe Harbor properties when boating from the sandy Gulf coast all the way up to the rocky shores of Maine, and everywhere in between. We’re thrilled to add these high-quality marinas to our portfolio and welcome their teams, customers and Members as our own.”

“We’re incredibly fortunate to add these two marinas to our portfolio,” said Jason Hogg, Safe Harbor’s Chief Investment Officer. “They are perfect representations of our strategy. They are as nice and well-run full-service marinas as you will find anywhere in the country, and we’ve built in a capital plan to make them even better.”

Safe Harbor’s 45,000 members enjoy access to the largest network of marinas in the world.

“From the beginning, we set out to create the world’s first true network for boaters. We aim to bring our Members an experience unlike anything that has ever existed before. As we reach 100 marinas in the US, the opportunity to explore has never been greater. Our Members will continue to see their access and membership benefits expand,” said Brad Alesi, Safe Harbor’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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