Lumishore backs Propspeed’s Lightspeed

Propspeed, innovator of coatings that protect underwater assets, announced today that its Lightspeed product has been tested thoroughly by Lumishore to confirm that it protects the underwater lights and does not degrade light quality or interfere with the color of the underwater lighting.

Using its TIX803 EOS light, Lumishore tested the product, and stated that it is important to measure a light before and after Lightspeed application to ensure there is no drop in lumen output and also no shift in color. The first test was conducted on all four Red, Green, Blue and White channels, then Lightspeed was applied to both the lens and bronze bezel and retested. The tests showed very little difference in the before and after measurements; additionally, there was no color shift. Lumishore engineers even submerged the light in a seawater test tank and left it running for six months. The light automatically changed from one color to the next every hour so that all wavelengths of light were tested equally over the duration of the evaluation. After six months there was no measurable difference.

“We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled LED light solutions for both above and below the waterline,” said Eifrion Evans, president, Lumishore. “The best way to enjoy the near-limitless color combinations we offer is to ensure your lights are clean. The application of Lightspeed makes this both simple and safe, and we’re very pleased to recommend this product to our discerning customers.”

“We are very proud of the success of our full range of foul release coatings,” said Chris Baird, CEO, Propspeed. “To have one of the industry’s top lighting manufacturers validate the efficacy of Lightspeed is valuable beyond measure. We are confident that boaters who have underwater lighting, whether Lumishore’s or any other brand, will be exceptionally satisfied with the quality and longevity of this product.”

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