Coast Guard Foundation announces 2020 grants and scholarships

Coast Guard Foundation spouse grant

The Coast Guard Foundation announced today they distributed 265 awards grants and scholarships representing a total of $147,500 to Coast Guard spouses who are enrolled in professional certification and degree-seeking programs.

Through the generosity of Delta Dental, the Foundation awarded $2,000 scholarships to 10 Coast Guard spouses enrolled in dental and healthcare programs.

“With the help of the Coast Guard Foundation and Delta Dental, I get to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse,” said Amanda Blackall. ”Being a Coast Guard wife, we travel every so many years, so having the career of a nurse gives me the opportunity to adapt. I look forward to being an excellent nurse and know that I would not have completed my academic endeavors without the help of the Coast Guard Foundation.”

The balance of the Foundation’s support for Coast Guard spouses is in the form of $500 grants, of which 255 were awarded this year. More than half of these spouse grants support individuals who are pursuing degrees in healthcare fields, with the majority of those studying to become nurses.

“The Coast Guard Foundation has played a large role in my educational endeavors since I became a Coast Guard spouse,” said Tiffany Locker. “I have received an associate’s degree in nursing, bachelor’s degree in nursing, and most recently, I have obtained my personal trainer certification. Each degree and certification has played a large role in my ability to find employment with every change of station.”

“We’re so thankful to have a chance to support Coast Guard spouses this year,” said Susan Ludwig, president, Coast Guard Foundation. “Their pursuit of higher education and professional certifications means that they cannot only support their families but can contribute to their communities in important ways. Well over half of this year’s class are enrolled in healthcare and teaching programs and will be on the front lines of this pandemic, providing critical services to our country.”

Since the spouse grant program launched in 2011, the Foundation has awarded more than 1,100 grants, totaling more than $500,000 in support.

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