Dockwa to host “Preparing for Recovery” webinar series for marinas

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As part of an ongoing effort to keep marina operators informed and prepared as the boating industry gradually reopens, the team at Dockwa is hosting a series of live educational webinars: Preparing for Recovery.

This Thursday, April 30, Dockwa CEO Mike Melillo will host How to Successfully Reopen and Keep Boating Safe this Summer in partnership with the Association of Marine Industries.

Uniquely positioned within both the boating and marina communities, the team at Dockwa observes concerns of marina operators as well as the boaters they service – as well as data-based behavioral changes on both sides of the industry – in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout Preparing for Recovery, Dockwa team members discuss these observations and offer insight as to how marina operators can use those observations to their advantage as they prepare to reopen their businesses and adjust operations to incorporate post-coronavirus best practices.

The first in the series, How to Attract Boaters Today, So You Can Delight Them Tomorrow, was held on Thursday, April 23. In it, Dockwa co-founder and CRO Matt Fradette, and Marina Success Manager, Reid Burns, discussed how east coast operators can capitalize on changes in boater movement to keep their marinas full this summer, despite cancellations from repeat customers or changes in booking patterns.

“It’s important to consider not just what a marina owner should be doing now to effectively get back to business, but what you should be doing to ensure that your business stays open,” said Melillo. “Which means, among other things, ensuring that boating is an activity that can be enjoyed while practicing safe social distancing.”

Marina owners, managers, and staff can register for the webinar on the AMI website. For more information on and to watch Preparing for Recovery, visit the webinar hub on Dockwa’s website

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