CDK Global Lightspeed offers dealers relief during COVID-19 pandemic

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As boat dealers face uncertain times, uncertain measures and questions about what the future will bring, CDK Lightspeed is working to alleviate a little of that burden by offering special promotions and discounts.

Brian Krzanich, president and Chief Executive Officer of CDK Global, Inc. recently sent this letter to his dealer customers.

To our customers and partners:

I don’t think any of us could have planned for the business environment we’re currently experiencing. At every level of CDK, we have spent time talking with you, discussing options, and understanding these unprecedented times.

I want to make sure you know that we’re all in this together. It looks like it may be difficult for a while. Your business and ours have to maintain balance and secure the future while managing through today’s uncertainty. We know your teams have been working hard to keep moving forward. For the CDK team, our North Star is truly the sustained health and success of our dealer network. As such, today we are announcing some significant changes to our billing for the month of April that will help us all get through the COVID-19 crisis.

For April, we will reduce our subscription fees to the following:

All Layered Applications will be reduced by 100 percent! YES THAT MEANS FREE! This includes products like CRM, Loyalty, Texting, Locator, and more. If you don’t currently use some of these products, but would like them installed, we can help. New solution purchases are not a requirement to receive this offer on the products you currently use.

All DMS and DMS-related products will be reduced by 25 percent! This includes required products like Hosting, Pricebooks, EPC integration, and more.

These benefits require no action on your part, though there are some basic qualifying terms listed below. Your April bill will automatically be adjusted.

We will continuously monitor the situation and talk with you, our partners as we look beyond April.

We know that you and your employees are being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. I wanted to express my commitment to you, your employees, and just as importantly, to all CDK employees and stakeholders.
Effective April 1, my salary and cash bonuses for 2020 will be reduced to $1. I want to do this as an expression of solidarity, and a commitment to this industry, as well as to the employees of our dealers and CDK. Together, we will get through this.

I don’t think any of us could have ever imagined that this is where we would be and what we would be doing, but what I am witnessing is remarkable. We are learning to think differently about how we support one another, our businesses, and our local communities. While these times may seem bleak, I know these clouds will lift, and together we will emerge stronger and better, having trusted each other and joined forces to overcome what we face today.

We are here for you now, tomorrow, and each day that follows.

Stay Well,

Brian Krzanich
President and Chief Executive Officer
CDK Global, Inc.

The small print — I trust you, but our lawyers made me clarify a few things about this program:

The discounts apply to subscription fees only – not to transaction fees such as credit reports, titling, etc.

Discounts do not apply to third-party fees (such as DMS integration fees) and other direct fees (such as reseller fees) that are not controlled by CDK. We will gladly work with you and others to try and reduce any fees of this sort, but we cannot control the decisions of others. We will make those clear in your bills so we can work the issues together.

The discounts apply to customers that remain current in their CDK account.

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