Updating shore power connections

For boat owners with shore power connections, the part that’s the biggest potential problem is the easiest to change: an outdated twist-type connector.

With a retrofit kit from SmartPlug Systems, it’s fast and simple to upgrade to the safest and most thoroughly modern 30A or 50A marine power supply equipment available, while reusing the cable and saving money.

Traditional twist-type shore power plugs have thin blades with very little metal-to-metal contact, resulting in a poor electrical connection. Over time, corrosion further degrades this contact. This causes high resistance, resulting in overheating and the potential for arcing and fire.

The SmartPlug is different. Its robust pin and clip design provides over 20 times more contact area to make it the safest solution available.

Far easier to use than clumsy twist-type connectors that require aligning an L blade and threading a locking collar, the waterproof SmartPlug pushes straight in. Its asymmetrical design makes it foolproof to use, even one-handed in dimly-lit conditions and difficult inlet positioning. A four-point locking system ensures the plug stays connected, no matter the strain due to wind, wave or boat movement.

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