Pasadena Boat Works helps fight against COVID-19

A Maryland-based, Boating Industry Top 100 boat dealership recently stepped up big in the fight against COVID-19.

Pasadena Boat Works’ co-owner Rick Levin donated roughly 14,000 specialized N95 respirator masks to the Maryland State Health Department.

Levin said he has stored the masks for about four years, donating them to children who are going through chemotherapy for cancer. The masks and their unique designs help the kids feel less self-conscious about wearing the plain white mask that protects their compromised immune systems, Levin said in the Capital Gazette.

However, with the recent spread of COVID-19, Levin made the decision to put them to use now.

The Capital Gazette reported that the donation was met with many thanks from Maryland’s government and health officials.

In an interview with the Capital Gazette, Maryland Health Department deputy secretary of operations Gregg Todd called the donation “an absolute godsend.”

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