ValvTect names International Marina of the Year

ValvTect Petroleum Products announced that The Barcadere Marina, George Town, Cayman Islands, is the recipient of the 2019 ValvTect International Marina of the Year award.

The term “Barcadere” has been used by Cayman islanders for centuries. Its meaning is “a landing place” for boats. The word is synonymous with the Spanish word “Embarcadero” meaning “a place from which to embark on or disembark from a nautical voyage. Barcaderes are richly steeped in the Cayman Islands’ seafaring culture and were constructed all around the coast as the islands were populated to facilitate the regular launching and retrieval of vessels.

The George Town Barcadere holds the distinction of being the oldest in Grand Cayman where the protected area of water in the North Sound was smooth enough for seaplanes to take off and land. However, in the 1940’s George Town Barcadere became Grand Cayman’s first airport, and in 1954 an international airport opened and the seaplanes gave way to more modern, land based commercial aircraft, and the Barcadere became a literal backwater and remained forgotten for several decades.

In the early years of this millennial a young Cayman islander named Neville Scott dreamed of building a new marina that would be the talk of the town. Neville fulfilled his dream and the “Barcadere Marina” has re-invigorated the area presenting a modern community center with reminiscent charm and nostalgia of a bygone era.

With the marina still under construction and many aspects yet to be finished, Neville Scott reached out to ValvTect™ Petroleum Products for information on their marine fuel program. “I was very impressed with the detail and lengths Neville had gone to in building the marina,” said Paul Craufurd, ValvTect™ SE US/Caribbean Sales Manager.

“Although a long way from completion, I could see this was going to be a first class facility and one we would be proud to have representing the ValvTect brand”, which Neville has now done for more than 10 years. And not only to marina visitors, his uniquely styled forecourt makes ValvTect branded fuels available to trailer boaters and discerning automobile owners who claim the fuels are the best in Grand Cayman,” Craufurd added.

The Barcadere Marina offers slips for vessels up to 150 feet with shore power, Wi-Fi and all modern amenities including full service and haul out facility. The Clubhouse restaurant & Bar and George Town Yacht Club are also on-site.

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