United States Warranty Corporation celebrates 45 years of consumer education

A milestone is fast approaching for United States Warranty Corporation (USWC) as it celebrates 45 years as an educator in the service contract industry. 

Established in 1975, USWC was purchased in the early 1990’s, by Terry Landis and originally offered RV and Bus Service Contracts, (extended warranties). Today, the company’s diversified portfolio includes up to four different coverage plans for marine watercraft, recreational & powersport vehicles.  

“We thrive, because my dad insisted on a family feel to our day to day interactions. My dad always took great pride in his work so even as a child, my goals emulated his- to make USWC the best company it could be, not only for customers but for the employees as well.  I am proud to be a family-owned and operated small business,” said president/CEO Jodi M. Latshaw.

“In company preparations, we discovered 45 is represented by the Sapphire gem. The qualities of the gem align with how USWC has been doing business: Candor, Sincerity & Truth.  Our dealer network has come to know our living motto: Service, Integrity & Trust which is infused in the quality of customer service and education we aspire to daily,” said Alexis C. Reed, COO.

Historically, the star of sapphire is known as the stone of destiny; travelers believed it would bring good luck. “Unfortunately, we are not giving out sapphire presents, but we would love to share how our plans, benefits and in-house 24/7 claims administration can increase dealer’s bottom line,” stated Katie Lentine, VP, business development, recreational vehicle division.  

“As part of our celebration events, we launched a very special exclusionary plan for our marine customers,” shared Patty Emser, VP, marketing & communications.

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