Formula Boats and Sea Tow announce new partnership

Formula Boats and Sea Tow Services International have announced a new partnership that the companies say provides boaters with extra peace of mind on the water.

As part of Formula’s five-year manufacturer’s warranty, Sea Tow Gold Card membership now comes standard and provides all new Formula owners with access to Sea Tow’s fleet of on-water assistance vessels and captains. The membership includes 24/7 nationwide coverage with towing, fuel delivery, jump starts and more, providing the added protection that every boater deserves.

“Sea Tow is committed to making boating fun and safe for everyone, just as Formula is. Our values align and, together, it is our goal to continue breaking down the barriers that keep people from boating as often as they’d like,” said Sea Tow CEO Joseph Frohnhoefer III. “Cars come standard with roadside assistance – so should boats. Formula is an innovative and forward-thinking partner that will allow us to do just that. It ultimately reduces the cost of boat ownership because, should a new Formula owner need on-water assistance, they’re covered. It’s a fantastic benefit to introduce as we head into a new decade of boating.”

The new partnership applies to all new Formula boats, beginning with 2020 models and beyond.

“The five-years of Sea Tow membership is the perfect complement to our five-year product warranties and Vessel Vanguard subscriptions,” said Formula’s Director of Product Support/Consumer Affairs, Mike Boyd. “It’s of great value to our customers. We strive to elevate our brand and the customer experience with every boat that leaves our factory. Sea Tow membership coming standard with our boats allows Formula owners to make the most out of their time on the water without having to worry about the unexpected.”

Sea Tow and Formula said they are looking forward to a bright future and a well-received concept.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Formula and to provide that extra Peace of Mind on the Water to their boat owners,” Frohnhoefer said. “We believe that this is the turning point in the evolution of boating and that this approach to partnership will help boaters do what they enjoy most – spending time out on the water.”

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