Michigan senator visits Avalon and Tahoe

Last week, State Senator Rick Outman (R-SD-33) visited the Avalon and Tahoe Manufacturing’s pontoon facility in Alma, Mich.. At last month’s Michigan advocacy fly-in, president and CEO of Avalon, Jim Wolf extended Senator Outman the invitation to tour the facility, which is one of the largest employers in the city and county. Plant visits with elected officials are an important opportunity to highlight the recreational boating industry and NMMA encourages all members to work with elected officials to schedule a plant tour.

During the visit, Senator Outman toured the plant to learn about the company’s operations and met with employees to discuss a range of issues facing the state. Jim Wolf highlighted the company’s use of Michigan’s Going PRO Talent Fund, which makes grants to employers to assist in training, developing, and retaining current and newly hired employees. Wolf reinforced Avalon’s strong commitment to expanding within the community, while continuing to provide more local manufacturing jobs.

Wolf thanked Senator Outman for visiting Avalon, stating “From meeting in his office at the Capitol in Lansing a few weeks ago to touring our facility this week, we greatly appreciate Senator Outman’s commitment to learning more about the recreational boating industry and local jobs. We look forward to working with Senator Outman on providing more technical education opportunities and supporting expansion of local manufacturing jobs.”

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