Bertram Yachts to expand into outboard sportfish products

Boat builder Bertram Yachts recently announced that the company is planning to expand its range of offshore fishing boats to include a comprehensive lineup of outboard powered products.

Mark Paulhus, Bertram CEO, stated that “With the support of Bertram’s parent company, the Gavio Group, who also owns Italian super yacht builders Baglietto and CCN, Bertram plans to spend in excess of $15,000,000 on new product development  over the next four years to expand our portfolio of products into premium outboard powered boats starting in the high 20 foot range”.  

Bertram has also indicated that the company will continue to invest in expanding production capacity at the company’s Tampa Florida facility over the next two years to support the expected increases in volume.

The company is currently wrapping up construction of the first 50-foot sport express model which will debut at the Miami International Boat Show in February 2020 and will start introduction of the new outboard powered products at Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show next year.

According to Tommy Thompson, Bertram’s V.P. of sales, “The introduction of the new outboard portfolio will certainly allow Bertram to increase its North American presence by giving boaters an outboard option that lives up to the Bertram ride and quality that they have come to expect.  As a result, we are also planning a significant expansion in our dealer sales channel over the next 12 months”. 

Bertram’s inboard diesel powered 35-foot bridge and 61-foot convertible models have done particularly well in international markets with products delivered to Europe, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean over the last year.  Thompson further stated that “There is also a strong international and domestic interest in Bertram’s new 50’ open and sport express inboard diesel models and the company has already started taking orders for these products”

Bertram has indicated that they are in the process of signing an exclusive outboard engine supply agreement with Mercury Marine. According to Paulhus, “Our partnership with Mercury will allow us to achieve the level of boat, engine and systems integration excellence necessary to ensure that the new Bertram models deliver the product performance and reliability that the company has long been known for”. 

Randy Caruana, Mercury Marine vice president of sales said “We are excited to work closely with Bertram as they develop their new outboard-powered offering. Bertram’s designs combine both modern luxury and sophistication making this an ideal partnership for both companies.”

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