Siren Marine announces partnership with DealersCircle

Siren Marine has signed an agreement with marine manufacturer management system DealersCircle, through which Siren Marine’s MTC (Monitor|Track|Control) Connected Boat system will be available through the DealersCircle business management platform. With this partnership, boat manufacturers and dealers will have greater access to Siren Marine’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology, developed to connect boating enthusiasts with their boats, dealers, and manufacturers in new and exciting ways.

“This is an important building block in the continuing growth of the connected boat,” said Siren Marine CEO and founder Daniel Harper. “Over the past year, we’ve seen a growing groundswell of OEM interest from boat builders, engine and transmission manufacturers, NMEA device manufacturers and many others.”

“The light has come on, and now the entire marine industry ‘gets it’ when it comes to the many different ways a connected boat can benefit their products, their businesses and their customers. Bringing this technology to the industry through a trusted and innovative technology partner like DealersCircle is a pivotal step in the evolution of the connected boat,” added Harper.

Jacksonville, Florida-based DealersCircle launched in 2003 as a management system for forward-thinking marine manufacturers. More than just a distributor or ordering platform, DealersCircle says it offers an innovative way for marine manufacturers of all types to manage their businesses. By utilizing the company’s web-based set of applications, manufacturers can communicate efficiently with their dealers and customers. For marine manufacturers, DealersCircle enhances the business of order management, customer tracking, warranty claim submission and more.     

“We are looking forward to bringing our Supplier Marketplace online later this year, and are proud to have a forward-thinking, leading technology provider like Siren Marine as our inaugural supplier,” said Scott Davis, DealersCircle president.

“DealersCircle uses innovative web-based technology to connect marine manufacturers with their OEM suppliers and dealers in ways that enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses,” said Harper. “Siren Marine was founded on the idea of connecting boaters with their boats and manufacturers with their customers in ways that unlock the true power of IoT technology. This partnership with DealersCircle is an ideal match that will benefit the boating industry in many ways as we move forward.”

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