ABYC publishes updated boat building and repair standards

The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) published its 59th supplement of Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft, which covers all major boat systems and provides industry with the latest in boat building and repair standards.

ABYC standards are continuously researched, developed, and revised by over 400 volunteer technical experts and marine professionals.

“This year’s supplement is full of improvements that address the advancing trends in the industry and improve the standards’ usability,” said ABYC Technical Director Brian Goodwin. “A summary of changes is now provided with each revised standard. H-3 has expanded requirements for exits from enclosed accommodation and sleeping compartments. It is critical that boat builders and component manufacturers are aware of and implement these changes.”

Supplement 59 2019-2020 revisions include:

• A-28, Galvanic Isolators
• E-2, Cathodic Protection
• H-1, Field of Vision From the Helm Position
• H-3, Exterior Windows, Windshields, Hatches, Doors, Portlights, and Glazing Materials
• H-29, Canoes and Kayaks
• H-40, Anchoring, Mooring, and Strong Points
• P-1, Installation of Exhaust Systems for Propulsion and Auxiliary Engines
• P-4, Marine Inboard Engines and Transmissions
• C-1500, Ignition Protection Test for Marine Products (online only).

Technical Information Reports:
• T-17, Compass Installation
• T-24, Owner/Operator’s Manuals
• TE-4, Lightning Protection.

On its online library, ABYC provides a standards overview document that highlights the major changes in Supplement 59.

“When combining the overview document along with our compliance audit tool, users will better understand the new compliance requirements affecting 2021 model year product,” said Craig Scholten ABYC technical vice president. “Our tech tools offer manufacturers’ engineering, compliance, purchasing, and quality teams an excellent roadmap and a consistent approach to the latest product compliance requirements.”

Visit www.abycinc.org/store to purchase the standards or download ABYC’s compliance tools.

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