Ritchie Navigation compass shows the way

GPS receivers and other digital technologies transformed marine navigation, but they're no substitute for a compass, especially when there's no power.

The HF-743 Helmsman Flush Mount CombiDial has all the superior build quality and features Ritchie Navigation is renowned for, and does something no GPS can: display an actual heading.

The HF-743 Helmsman has a 3-3/4" CombiDamp dial with a hardened steel gimbal movement set on a matched sapphire jewel. Its polished dome has 45° lubber lines for easy reference. Integrated compensators adjust easily for deviation and powerful DirectiveForce magnets ensure fast heading lock-on. It has a moveable sun shield and built-in 12V green NiteVu illumination; a red lighting kit is available. Solidly built with high-temperature composite construction, it's available in black or white.

Easy to install by OEMs and DIYers, the 5-1/8" wide HF-743 Helmsman Flush Mount CombiDial fits a standard 4" mounting hole and requires only four screws. 6" adapter rings are available. It's 100% repairable and comes with a five-year warranty.

For over 160 years, Ritchie Navigation has guided generations of recreational boaters and professional mariners. The Ready to Boat program provides free online boating safety education to new owners, through OEMs and dealers. It counters the growing trend of sole reliance on GPS for navigation as well as utilizing undersized compasses.

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