Ranger launches FS PRO series

Ranger recently announced the expansion of its FS line of Deep V multispecies boats to include new models.           

"The all-new FS PRO Series of boats are the direct result of us listening to the needs and wants of dealers, pros, customers and guides who use these boats to their absolute limit," said Kody Bradbury, Ranger product development manager. "We pride ourselves in producing not only the highest quality boats on the water, but also the most forward-thinking and angler-friendly models to be found."

Three new hulls within five new models define the FS PRO Series, including the largest Ranger FS Series boat ever, the 622FS PRO, a 22-foot 10-inch boat. The 622FS PRO is joined by the 621cFS PRO, 621FS PRO, 620cFS PRO and 620FS PRO to round out the new 2020 model year offerings.

The two cFS boats feature Ranger's new Total Command Cockpit, which offers a more spacious cockpit thanks to the deletion of the rear storage boxes along the gunnel.

The FS PRO Series will feature Ranger's new whole-boat command center dubbed the RIDE system (Ranger Intelligent Display Engine). This technology is housed within a 9-inch touchscreen multifunction display (MFD) that is exclusive to Ranger. Within the RIDE MFD, anglers can control every critical aspect of the boat, from ignition, security, trim tabs, livewells, Power-Poles, lighting, stereo and jackplate, while also displaying parameters such as RPM, MPH, fuel, heading and more. Screens up to 16-inches can be flush-mounted within the new FS Pro console.

All FS PRO boats feature higher horsepower ratings than their previous counterparts, with the 622 and 621 boats capable of handling a 400 hp outboard while the 620s are rated for 300 hp.

Ranger said it also placed an emphasis on storage for the FS PRO Series. Bow storages have been enlarged to their maximum size, while redesigned rear storage boxes in the non-cFS boats can hold scores of vertically oriented Plano 3700 boxes for quicker access. The passenger console features an enlarged 16-inch glove box with a smaller secondary box for personal items, while a console cubby can backmount optional VHF radios. Beneath the driver's console footrest is a new lockable storage box, and beneath the passenger console is a dedicated storage for a custom Ranger-branded 5-gallon bucket.

For more information on the all-new Ranger FS PRO Series of boats, visit www.rangerboats.com

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