New peer-to-peer boat rental company launches

Co-founded by twin brothers Matt and Adam Woods, Skipper My Boat connects boating lovers to owners, charter operators, and captains through a hassle-free and user-friendly platform that delivers peace of mind, along with a fantastic experience. Customers get to browse available vessels with 360° views, videos, and reviews at just the click of a button, and unlike competitors, private yacht owners enjoy a no-premium, million-dollar insurance policy.

“Through our platform, we are making things easier, more secure, and faster, allowing travelers to get back to traveling the world… not the web,” said Matt Woods, co-founder and CEO.

The Woods brothers were traveling through Thailand when they experienced firsthand how difficult it was to find a reputable charter company on demand. Three days later, after multiple headaches, and an international wire-transfer request, the two finally boarded a charter — with an outlined business model of Skipper My Boat in hand.

“Our goal is to help facilitate the growing market and provide a place where people can easily find and book their dream boat, no matter where they are,” said Adam Woods, COO. “We give yacht owners and charter companies the tools and resources to offset the costs of boat ownership.”

Inspired by the business model of Airbnb, Skipper My Boat makes it easy for both experienced and inexperienced boaters to browse and compare thousands of verified boats based on date, location, price, size and user reviews. Travelers can easily customize and create their ideal trip, combined with hotel stays, onboard activities, and they can also split payments amongst other travelers.

Skipper My Boat says they have listings for over 25,000 yachts across the USA, Caribbean, France, Italy, Central America and Asia.

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