Florida company devises forgotten drain plug solution

Have you ever forgotten to put the plug, or plugs plural, in your boat? You likely only do it once. At any rate, inteliPlug was developed to solve one of boating’s age old problems and most common mistakes; forgetting to install the drain plug.

Boaters frequently overlook reinstalling the drain plug when launching at boat ramps. At the very least, this oversight can cause panic and mayhem. At worst, you can end up on You Tube with a submerged boat.

Wake Worx says inteliPLug removes the human component by utilizing proximity sensor technology that detects when the drain plug is missing and alerts the boater as soon as the boat batteries or ignition are switched on.

Reminding you to check the drain plug before launching is not the only reimagined feature. The company says they devised inteliPlug so that the cap stays attached and will not be lost or misplaced, and is ergonomically designed so you don’t need tools to loosen or tighten the plug.

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