Correct Craft hosts meeting with Congressman Darren Soto

Correct Craft, in partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Marine Manufacturers Association, hosted a meeting with U.S. Representative Darren Soto.

After touring Correct Craft’s Nautique boat building plant, Congressman Soto and Correct Craft CEO Bill Yeargin discussed various national issues and how they impact Correct Craft, the boating industry and the broader business community.

NAM representatives Elizabeth Van Holt and Travis Skodack, and NMMA representative Callie Hoyt also joined the meeting.

Items discussed included the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the global trade war (which is a significant issue to the boating industry), E15, and general workforce availability concerns. In the meeting, Congressman Soto was able to learn more about the marine industry’s manufacturing needs and its significant impact on jobs and the economy.

Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft stated, “Our team was honored to host Representative Soto as he toured our Nautique facility and listened to our perspective on various national issues. We appreciate Representative Soto’s interest in our concerns and particularly for his interest understanding the impact of the global trade war on the boating industry.”

Yeargin added, “We are grateful that Correct Craft had both the opportunity to host Representative Soto and provide a forum for industry leaders to share their perspective with him. I appreciate our friends at both NAM and the NMMA for working with us on this important event.”

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